Chinese Optical Film Coating Manufacturer



The business of optoelectronic display materials is aimed at providing integrated solutions of high-end optical films for flexible displays, touch displays, automotive displays and other fields.  Xinlun  is the only advanced domestic coating manufacturer and supplier for high-end optical films. 

The subsidiary called Xinlun Optoelectronic Materials (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., is a professional film coating company with processing technique of special film products such as CPI, COP and TAC in China. It has introduced advanced management teams and high-end coating equipment from Japan. The main products include cover films for flexible display, automotive explosion-proof films, IM films for display, etc. The CPI-based flexible cover film has passed the verification of domestic mainstream manufacturers of smart phones, breaking the foreign monopoly and realizing localized substitution; the mass production of automotive explosion-proof films on  a variety of substrates (SRF, TAC, PET) has been accomplished, and the localization of AR products with Low reflection has been achieved.







The R&D and production base for Photoelectric display material : 28,700 m2 construction area, with initial investment of 800 million RMB ; It is the only domestic supplier in the field of high-end optical films. Our products are mainly used in the field of flexible display materials for consumer electronics (CPI films, COP films). Two production lines have been put into operation by the end of 2018, and another three production lines are under planning.