The leading enterprise and promoter of power battery soft pack Aluminum-plastic composite films



The business of new energy materials business is aiming at the R&D, production, manufacturing, sales and service of aluminum-plastic composite films and tabs, which are new polymer composite materials for outer packaging materials of lithium-ion battery. The products are mainly used in the field of consumer electronics, new energy vehicles, and energy storage.

The subsidiary of Xinlun New Energy Materials (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., Xinlun Lithium Battery Materials (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd. And Xinlun Materials (Japan) Co., Ltd. is established respectively. The total production capacity of high-end Aluminum-plastic composite films is 8 million m2; The production capacity of tabs per month is 6.2 million pairs (including 1.2 million pairs for power battery and 5 million pairs for 3C battery).

xinlun lithium battery packaging materials- T&T aluminum composite membrane has been widely applied to the digital products , such as smart phone, notebook computer, digital camera, toy, UAV, model aircraft and other consumer electronic products; and new energy powered EV and energy storage battery, such as electrical bicycle, household car battery, etc.