AI, touch panel industry functional material solutions providerIntegrated service for electronic functional material solutions



The business of electronic functional Materials  is aimed at providing integrated solutions for smart phones, tablets, touch devices in the industry of  consumer electronics. Xinlun is  the domestic leading solution provider  for functional materials in intelligent terminal and touch industry with the set-up of Xinlun Electronic Materials (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.  

The Changzhou base for electronic functional materials has 13  high-end imported coating lines and 5 slitting machines from Japan and Taiwan. The main products include high-purification protective films, double-sided tapes, optical tapes, functional tapes, heat dissipation and thermal conductive tapes, OCA/ explosion-proof films, etc.


Business group adopts R&D mold which mainly emphasizes on self-development and partially emphasizes on cooperative development. It has set up international standard R&D platform by introducing overseas study returned doctors, industry top technical personnel and senior management team, which provides healthy and substantial development of business department with security. Meanwhile, cooperating with Japan, Germany and other foreign famous enterprises, it has introduced advanced production technology, equipments, and production management system which constantly improve technology level and core competences.


Covering an area of 600 mus, functional materials production base locates in Wujin west Taihu lake XINLUN industrial park in Changzhou city, Jiangsu province. The first phase has invested nearly 600 million and introduced the most advanced foreign technologies, management team, manufacturing and testing equipments. So far, it has 3 class 100 coating lines, 2 class 1000 coating lines, 6  class 10000 coating lines, 5 blowing mould lines for realizing supply with high quality, big volume and short delivery term as well as contributing to become national the  most advanced electronic functional material solution provider.