Become a leader in the industries of electronical material components and die cutting


Xinlun Precision Manufacturing (Anhui) Co., Ltd. is a business sector developed on the basis of new material business. It is specialized in die-cutting manufacturing of precision components and is in the downstream of the new material industry chain.

It is mainly engaged in die-cutting of OCA, foam, protective film, double-sided tape, dustproof net, insulating and shock-proof materials, EMI conductive materials and other products, and provides die-cutting products for high-precision electronic products such as smartphones, tablet PCs, and touch display screens. Xinlun deeply binds high-quality customers with international R&D capabilities, responds quickly to customer needs, and continues to provide high-quality die-cutting products for electronic components and customized product solutions. 

Serving customers: Huawei, Xiaomi, Amazon, OPPO, vivo, TPK, Oufeiguang, Huaqin, Suppeter, Zhuoyi, Wingtech, Longcheer, Astec, Yecheng, Toyota, Tesla, etc.